Gateway P78 help with Clean Install Windows 7 won't Boot from disk

I have this Gateway P-7811FX that had Vista on it. I was trying to do a factory restore before I install Windos 7 when it began asking me for a HDD password. Google search told me I'd have to send the laptop to Gateway to get that unlocked... for a fee.

So I ordered a new hard drive and want to do a clean install.

I have this version of Gateway that overheats and streaks across the screen when there are dark colours on the screen that began a week after the warranty expired. Anyways, I was going to give it to someone who is just going to use it as a portable type writer....

Just the new hard drive is installed. it won't boot from the disk, even if going to F10 and telling it to do so, it won't. I'll eventually get this screen up similar to CMD, with some verbage, one of which, of course is no operating system found.

Hiting ENTER does nothing. It wont seem to acknowledge any of the alphabet keys (though I havent tried any numbers).

Any suggestions?

I wondered if I could install that new hard drive in my current laptop and install windows 7 on it that way and then put the hard drive back in the laptop. The new laptop already has OS 7.

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