Anyone on this board ever use the awesome media center OS called GeeXboX?
I am extraordinarily pleased with this super lightweight linux OS. I have an OLD 600 MHz P3 in an even olde ISA based (1 PCI slot the rest is ISA) Gateway PC using a video card that is made by nvidia but is so old I can't identify it and a relatively new SB sound card.

I have this fossilized rig playing high quality divx files with bit rates higher than 2600 Kbps on a 40 inch LCD PnP TV over VGA with zero choppiness, I've had trouble playing these identical videos on my 2.7 GHz celeron under Xp. The claim is that this OS can allow older P4's to play HD video emcoded in H264 I don't know that I buy that one though and haven't been able to test it.

The OS can be found here GeeXboX HomePage, Along with a custom ISO generator which will allow even the biggest noob to compile your own version with exactly the features you need. This distro of course is plagued by some of the usual Linux issues such as NIC support (especially wireless) and the like, however not in the amounts you will usually see in a linux distro.

Anyone who has some old machines to re animate as part of your media network check out GeeXboX. And please anyone who has already experienced this OS for better or worse please post your opinions.That is the main reason for this post to share opinions on an OS I found by accident and don't hear much about.

Thought that name sounded familiar. Used it once...on my Wii. XD

GeeXboX - WiiBrew

I use MPlayer now but GeeXboX was good.

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