geforce 9500 GT and windows 7 problem, cant change resolution

i have installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and i cant change the resolution
it stuck on color 16 bit and 800X600
i did the windows driver update..
didnt work
i uninstalled and redownload directly from the Nvidia website
still doesnt work

uninstalled windows 7 and re installed it in 32 bit
did all the above again and still the same problem

what can i do to fix it ?



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Hi rorlich,
could you post more details on your system spec?
Thankyou :)


more information attached


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Check out the screenshot. If you click advanced settings you'll see the box pictured. Click on the monitor properties and see if you can update the driver automatically.. (apologies if you've already tried this)

Not sure if this will help any but this web page has lists of monitor drivers:

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I've noticed a lot of folk download the wrong driver type....often they get nvidia desktop drivers for laptops and they simple dont work, you need to get the mobile sections' drivers.

i did both

hello thanks for trying to help
i did also update the LCD driver and i know the problem is not in the screen because i got also a tv connected to the comp and the same problem is there also

about the other replay i dont have a laptop so its not it :p

any other ideas ?



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The only thing I can suggest trying is a different driver... Nvidia has two driver teams and so there is a choice. If you check out my thread here:

I've posted every driver update since 2008 so perhaps one will prove to be the fix?

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