geforce 9700m GTS overheatttingggg

ok so i have a problem thats been driving me insane. my toshiba F50 was working totally fine until suddenly during games my GPU started overheating quickly during games (Was not doing this before) i noticed that my fan didnt seem to be spinning as fast as before. i cleaned it still no avail, tried riva tuner and ntune and all of that jazz and all of them have the fan control options greyed out? (cannot use them)

i noticed that when i start the laptop the POST test on the fans guns the fan to 100% speed so i know its capable of doing it. it seems like the fan doesnt know to speed up when it gets hot and it keeps shutting my system down and i reallllly dont feel like damaging my GPU. i tried rolling back my drivers and running the latest drivers.

if anyone has any suggestions id love to hear them im in need of assistance. thanks a lot in advance:mad:


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first port of call is power options...make sure that all options are set to max performance on mains, could be simple case of power cycling being enabled.

thanks for the reply. i have high performance setting on for power options and in game i tried lowering my resolution and my graphics settings (unreal tournament 3) still to no avail... really tricky


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In BIOS is there options for fan management? is disabled they force to 100%.

nope its disabled it was brought to my attnetion that for mobile geforces they should automatically run at 100%...(as u just said) but it doesnt, the POST test is hte only time that it hits that speed, otherwise it really doesnt pump much air out? im not sure if by chance do u no if it has a heatsink? i am certified and can open it i just sort of wanted to avoid it. with the heatsink i figured maybe its been knocked out of place/thermal issue?

Problem solved. i took the laptop apart and removed the heatsink on the GPU only to find barely any thermal paste. i cleaned it off and replaced it and voila no more overheating :)


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Good news indeed, well bad news in the sense it was poorly installed at the factory or boiled off wonder hw many other people suffer that fate?

oh i was pretty unimpressed with how that was put together but im just happy its all said and done. thanks for the assistance again hopefully i wont have to report any more crap regarding th

This is so true!!! I had problems with GPU overheating of my Toshiba Qosmio F50-125 2 months after buying it... First time I cleaned it and bought a cooling pad, it was alright. Then again I experienced crashes and black screen, and after installing monitoring program, I see that my GPU goes 120degreece before it shuts down. I gave it to the AWFUL Toshiba service, they cleaned it and on the pad, after playing game GPU temperature goes to 95-96, which is "normal" for my laptop :X But thank god I saw this post and rlly hope my problem is also "Problem solved. i took the laptop apart and removed the heatsink on the GPU only to find barely any thermal paste. i cleaned it off and replaced it and voila no more overheating :smile:". But FU****g Toshiba, I rlly started hating them. The airflow of their laptops is awful, the customer serverice is awful (lack of skills and understanding). But it was my mistake, why trust a gurantee that says 3 years international, 1 year no matter what. Purely with such gurantee for the price, the product is low quality -_-

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