General Failure pinging some sites


I am using Windows 7 with a router connected to the internet.

On my main PC, which is connected to the router with a LAN cable, I have a couple of sites that I can not access. It gives me a Connection Reset in all browsers.

The curious thing is that all the other computers, connected to the same router, via wireless, can load the sites the main PC can not load.

From my main PC I have tried pinging the site in question and it gives a "General Failure"
However the Main PC accesses all other sites on the internet without problems.

I am using avast anti virus on the main PC, and have tried disabling Avast, but have the same problem, I have also tried to turn off the routers firewall, however I still have the same problem.

I have tried pinging and that works.

Anybody who knows what may be causing this issue.

I too am having the exact same problem.
I've tried using different DNS settings and stuff like that but with no joy.
I work in IT and even the people I work with are stumped by it :/
If you could inform me of anything you find out it'd be great, thanks.

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