Generic usb devices not automatically installed

Hi I'm having a weird sort of problem. Whenever I plug in a USB device like a mouse or USB flash drive, Windows Vista claims that it cannot find drivers for it!! I have to specify to look in the c:\windows\system32 folder (inc. sub dir) to find the Windows drivers and it will eventually install. I know Windows XP did not prompt me to look for the drivers manually for these devices, it just installed it automatically. Like it automatically looked in the system32 folder for the drivers and installed them right away. Is this the new trend for Vista now?? I am logged in as a user with administrative rights would it need to run as administrator to work? Or is there a way to tell Vista to look in the windows\system32 folder automatically to search for USB devices? I just it's a nuissance to keep manually installing usb drivers that XP was able to install without user intervention. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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