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I have a multi-function card reader installed in my computer and it will not read any of the flash cards I have, this card reader has USB connection on the front which works fine. I am attaching a screen shot it is the generic USB Hub right under Universal Serial Bus controllers that is the cause of this problem. As you can see the the Sony cam USB device on this hub is working fine, but I cannot plug in any CF Flash XD or SD or MS flash card to the reader they are not seen. I have disabled the reader restarted the computer no luck. I am sure it is a realtek card reader I have tried installing latest driver from realtek with no luck. This was working fine in the past in fact the realtek drivers also worked and showed up in device manager. I have done everything I can think of including installing a backup image with no luck in any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated


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I'm affraid that I'm not going to be much help here Super Sarge.
But are you sure that the device drivers are installed properly? I see an "Unknown Device" right under the Sony DSC device in your image and was wondering what device manager said regarding the properties of that device? Since you seem to indicated that it had appeared in the past as a RealTek device my suspicisons are either the device driver or the card slot interface has gone toes up.

It many be the card slot not sure as you can see the sony Camera plugged in works fine but not the cards. If it is card slot I will by a external Multi card reader


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You could and probably should if you haven't already, double check the interface cable(s) just to make sure that something hasn't worked its' way loose. And if you have to replace it I might suggest one of these Apacer Mega Steno AM400 - Card reader ( CF I, CF II, MS, MS PRO, Microdrive, MMC, SD, MS Duo, xD, MS PRO Duo, miniSD, MMCplus, SDHC, miniSDHC, xD Type H, xD Type M ) - Hi-Speed USB: Electronics I bought two a while back and they seem to be relatively hardy despite a cheap external appearance. I bought the second one as a backup for the time that the first one inevitably fails.
Good luck and keep us posted as to how you're progressing with the issue.

I am pretty sure it is not connections as the USB drive that is installed on the reader is working fine
I was looking at following and decided on this reader by IOGEAR
Just placed order


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Both look pretty good. I've actually used some IOGear products in the past and found them to be pretty reliable. Not sure about the Sabrent, no experience. Just make sure they handle all the formats you are using. I bought one one time which looked like it handled everything and it did, except xD which of course was what I needed. Lesson learned.

I got the new reader today, and with my luck it was defective It did not work in W7 nor on my Vista machine, on its way back to Amazon


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Exactly why I bought two, when I purchased mine above, keeping the second in reserve just in case. At the price I paid I really didn't expect a lot of quality control from the manufacturer nor do I expect a large MTBF (mean time before failure). I have had more than my fair share of USB drive enclosures go belly up at the interface between the drive and the USB crossover, looking like the drive had failed when it was only the electronics of the enclosure.
Good luck with the replacement.


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do you have another computer you could check it on? Maybe a friends?

I have never seen that Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard detector before - where did it come from?

Are you using the same media in both card readers? I see you say you have several different ones, so one should at least be good. These things are fairly simple and work 99% of the time, so it is a little strange you have 2 in a row that will not. Did you unplug the built in reader when you tested?

I have an old SanDisk reader I use when the one on my printer won't accept my card...but I don't show any Generic USB hubs.

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MS Wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000 which included Mouse. Yes I tried the IOGear reader on my Vista machine it was not seen there either.
I borrowed a simple 4 card reader from a friend see link from a friend it works fine when plugged in SanDisk ImageMate All-in-1 Flash Memory Card Reader: Electronics
It must of come with the latest of Intelli point 8.15.406

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I got the replacement Reader today from Amazon the shipped it out on a 1 day delevery it works as advertised it reads all 4 of my flash card correctly

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