Generic VGA Rotation?

Thank you for your time in advance.
I did a search on this forum, a Google search, and was unable to find a solution to my problem which follows:
I’m using an intel 855 chipset video card. There are no drivers for Windows 7 and there probably never will be. Fine. So, Generic VGA it is. I did play a couple games on the laptop (using Windows XP Tablet Ed), but it’s mostly used for work so no loss there. The Generic VGA driver actually still allows me to watch videos, do Skype, et cetera. The problem is, I’m using a Gateway m275 Tablet PC. The Windows 7 generic VGA driver does not allow screen rotation out of the box. iRotate does not function. Is there a way to rotate my screen for maximum usage of my computer?
I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate, 1 gig of RAM, Centrino package, and not that it matters, I log on to a domain, and everything else seems to be working. The tablet features of Windows 7 are brilliant… save the fact that I can’t rotate my bloody screen to easily use them.
Any advice on a fix?
(My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, was unable to find a solution, as I stated.)

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