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    Hello, I know this title I posted seems to be very general and alot of websites actually answers that question, but I'm really stuck coz I find my laptop one of a kind.
    Alright so here goes the problem, I installed Windows 7 on my laptop, and due to my personal needs, I have to install adobe programs and the crack requires me to change some logs in the hosts file, after changing the file, I tried saving it and it shows the errors msg asking me to get administrator permission etc..(since the file is under system32 i suppose)
    so, i checked over the net, tried changing the owner, the control rights under properties of my drive C but then when I click apply, I get another error msg saying some kind of stuffs like the changes were not able to be made to hiberfil.sys etc coz another process is using it?
    It's getting me frustrated just to get control over this operating system, not to mention my account is the administrator account, so why do I still need to get rights from administrator???
    I need this help real quick, hope somebody can really help me solve this problem.
    Thanks in advance.
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    The Administrator permission is just required for the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file, no need for the folders.

    1. Right Click on the hosts file and select properties then select Security Tab.
    2. Click on Advanced button below right of the properties window.
    3. Then you will get Advanced Security Settings for hosts Window.
    4. Select Owner Tab.
    5. Then click Edit.
    6. Then you will get Advanced Security Settings for hosts Window with Owner tab only.
    7. Then Click other users or groups button below.
    8. Then you will get a new window - Select User or Group, then select Advanced button below.
    9. Then again you will get a new window Select User or Group, then select Find Now button.
    10. In the search results select your user name then press ok button, and again Ok button.
    11. Then select your user name and Click Apply.
    12. Then Select Permissions Tab, and select Change Permissions button.
    13. Select your user name and click Edit button below, then select Full Control - Allow Checkbox checked, then press Ok button and again and again ok and Ok :p
    14. Then open your hosts file with Notepad and paste the ip addresses below # :1 localhost
    15. File Save. Done :)

    Enjoy :)
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    There are two registry scripts that will allow you to take ownership of any file or folder in Windows Vista or Win-7, except the root directory itself.
    The first one, probably the most well known is called "Take Ownership". It works wonders.
    The Second one, probably not so well known, starts off with the same code as Take Ownership, but then
    takes a few steps more. It's called, "Grant Admin Full control" (or something like that).
    You can download that file here:
    GrantAdminFullControl.reg - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage

    Download the file, run the file and it will put itself as an option into the Right Click Dropdown Menu.
    Right Click on any file or folder and then select 'GrantFullAdminControl' and the file or folder is yours to do with as you please.

    I just save a lot of time by taking control of all the major folders on any HD, when I first set up a PC with Vista or Win-7.

    Happy Computing!
    O.T. :cool:
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