Getting back a deleted windows service

Hello people,
I have had a problem for months now, that sometimes data wouldn't copy or be deleted if they had anything to do with installing before. For example, if a program autoupdates itself and downloads his new .exe, then it might be unable to delete the old one, and the update failed.

This has become more of a problem recently, so through some research I found this solution:
Exhorder said:
I probably found the 'real' fix for the problem.

Go to services and look for Application Experience Service (AeLookupSvc) - (Anwendungserfahrung in
german), set the start type to manual. Then you are able to install from the usual executable (*.msi)

Deactivating that service can cause all sorts of problems, with alot of programs. It seems to lock up some .exe files after the program is already closed so it cannot be deleted or moved.

Try the following example:

Download TCPView, start it, close and then try to move the folder to another directory. It won't work unless the App..Experience Service is on manual because the exe file is still locked up for a while.
...where I am positive that it will work. (read it elsewhere too + alot of positive replies from people who described the exact same symptoms)

My problem is now, that this service is nowhere to be found on my computer. It might have been deleted by some virus-scan months ago (so no recovery points) when the problems suddenly arised.

I tried to find ways to manually get back a service, but wasn't that lucky. ..So what could I do?


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You may find a system file check helps - try running command prompt as administrator and the executing this command:

sfc /scannow

I did. The File Uploader here is telling me that the *.log file is invalid for him..., so here is an external link: - CBS.log

Thank you, by the way.


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What summary report did sfc give you?

Nothing at all. The program just ends in the moment it reaches 100%. I even had to search for the log to get it.

Nevermind, I found a solution now and got the service back.

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