Getting better audio volume in Windows 7

Ralph Bromley

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Okay so heres the scoop, I occasionally boot into windows 7 to watch Netflix and the sound quality on everything is so utterly pathetic even after fiddling with various settings such as installing the audio drivers.
In fact here is what I have tried:
1: Installing the drivers for my onboard VIA VT1708S audio card
2: Disabling "Features" like Win 7 automatically have the volume output at 50% in the communications tab in the sound devices menu
3: Using Audio deck the software that came with installing the driver for my audio card
4: Turning my speakers up to max

I am using an analog connection as opposed to HDMI but that matters not as my sound works just fine in Ubuntu, in fact I notice no difference even with using a HDMI cable which i do have access to and nothing changes.
There has to be some software solution, a free one is preferred as I really dont want to dish out money on an issue that in all honesty should not be an issue.
This issue also applies to the rest of win7 and seems to be a very common issue with it from what I see.
And yes I tried the obvious "turn the volume up in windows 7", its at bloody max and is still quiet as all heck

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