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I do a complete image backup to a USB disk. I would like to take that USB disk to another computer and selectively get some files/folders off of it. Is that possible, or can the image backup only be used in a complete restore of the computer scenario?

If it can only be used in a complete restore, what do you do if your computer blows up and you need to move to a new computer? Or should you do a file/folder backup also?


My Honest opinion is,,,,, use another program.

I am not familiar with the Backup Utility in Windows to answer your question fully.
According to MS, "You can restore your PC back to its original state or onto another PC."

But, my recommendation for what you are referring to is Acronis (Payware,but much more user friendly), still need to learn how to use it to it's full potential though.
DIXML (freeware, but is for a more advanced user), but once you know how, it's a great tool to use.
BartPE and DIXML go hand in hand for system restore

However, Acronis (has it's issues, yes) is more powerful than DIXML ofcourse. Highly Recommended.

Both of these tools have the feature of being able to open the backup and extract individual files and folders from it.
Acronis though, has the ability (if it still remains) to add files to a backup once mounted as a drive letter. (I don't recommend doing it though). Could corrupt the backup, as I have done that a couple years ago.

Both of these tools will allow you to restore your current PC.
However, DIXML will restore to a new PC, but could have driver conflicts

Acronis has (for a price) Universal Restore (which hasn't always worked [in the past] unfortunately) but that issue is few and far between.
It depends on the model laptop/desktop and the hardware it uses. The issue I am talking about is that some IBM Thinkpads would not restore a base image at all using Acronis unless you made an image of that system. This may have been resolved though.

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Reg, how do you find all these super limited time tidbits?They are awesome do you write a publication that keeps you in the loop or is it just your iT contacts? You post some real gold on here i check all your posts because i never know when one will turn up.

I believe that as long as the disk image is mounted you should be able to pull what ever files off of it you need.At least when i used to bother with such backups the ability to extract/add files without mounting to a drive letter was up to the specific fe4atures of the utility used and even then was a little dicey if something went wrong you were in trouble better to make a critical data backup as well IMHO.

Hey Reg, can you move this free software to any PC after that?
Or is it tied to the one PC and that is it?

Are there any phone home (other than the activation)?

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