Windows 7 Getting "open session 80070005" error with Eikon


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Jan 11, 2009
Getting "open session 80070005" error with Eikon, solution received...

Installed Windows 7 beta drivers for my Eikon USB Fingerprint reader. When trying to enroll from control panel (biometric enrollment) I get the "open session 80070005" notice and nothing happens. What is wrong here?
Cheers, Volker
Made contact with Upec support, two hours later I got an answer. They are aware of the problem and sent me this link: UPEK - File download
Now everything seems to work nicely. Great customer support!

Unzip the file and rename it to enroll.exe first. Then please replace manually the existing version of enroll.exe file under c:\Program Files\Protector Suite with the attached one.

Btw. The downloaded file has the extention .ex_ when unzipped, make sure to rename it to .exe

Nice weekend to all!
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