Getting rid of all the junk in windows\installer?

I know this HAS to be in here somewhere, but my searching didn't find it, so........

The windows/installer directory has a TON of directories and files and all manner of crud in it..... To the tune of a BUNCH of gigabytes... Can I clean this thing out, and if so, HOW? I tried the Windows Cleanup thing and msizap, and neither did anything.

Unfortunately, that's the same msizap.exe I've already tried.....

It removed NONE of the junk. Either everything in there (all umpteen GB of stuff) is in use, or msizap doesn't
know what to do with Windows 7.......

msizap.exe g
msizap.exe G
msizap.exe G!
msizap.exe g!
msizap.exe !g

Anybody got a different idea?

use Windows 7 manager.

You can clean out the %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\Installer folder by downloading Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and then running the command msizap.exe G! When running this, the installer and patch packages are enumerated and unreferenced packages are considered to be safe to delete and are thereby also deleted. Depending on the age of the system and the number of applications installed, this action can free a significant amount of disk space.


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All you should have to do is the Disk Cleanup under Accessories-System Tools. If you click the Clean up system files button, it should scan your system and tell you how much will be deleted. You do need to check the ones you need to delete, and the system ones may be at the bottom of the window so you have to scroll down.

If you want to see the ones that need to be removed, look for Windows.old and some hidden system files that start with $

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