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This subject may have been covered before, if so please forgive the repeat question. I just bought a new HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Preimum along with the usual HP crapware. A Windows OS disk DID NOT come with this computer. I have two questions. #1 Is there a way to create a OS disk that DOES NOT include all the HP crapware so I can format the HD and do a clean install. #2 If this cannot be accomplished, is there a way to clean all the crapware off the HD without a re-format?


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you can either, try and remove them from "add and remove programs " in the control panel. Also you can prevent them for starting up when windows starts. To do this go to start, in the search box, type msconfig. then click on the startup tab, untick HP related programs ***BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU UNTICK**** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED****


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Or you can do a clean install if you have the OS DVD.


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A Windows OS disk DID NOT come with this computer.
Formatting will be the best bet to be fair , shame you dont have the disc

Does anyone know if there is a way to make an OS disk from the HD without the HP crapware?


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i very much doubt it, id say find. some one with the same OS and format and reinstall.. you can then create a backup for future ref

If you plan on keeping the Restore Partition and decide to install a clean copy of Windows 7, make a backup copy of your MBR (Master Boot Record) so you don't loose your key function to start the System Restore. Installing Windows 7 will write a new MBR and you will loose the boot option to start Sytem Restore from boot. After Windows 7 installs restore the MBR from the backup and you will recover the System Restore menu at boot. Just remember once Windows 7 is installed and you haven't made a backup of your MBR, the special key sequence the manufacturer coded in the MBR will be gone forever.

There are other ways to active System Recovery, but keeping the boot option in your MBR may be preferred. Another option would be to use BCDEdit or EasyBCD to edit Windows Boot Manager and include the System Recovery partition.


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Try PC Decrapifier. I'm not kidding, that's the name. Just plug the name into Google.

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For good PC performance I must re-iterate BoostSpeed 5... it is the absolute best. It has every frickin option available.. best bet for this would be to uninstall all the bloat and backup your PC to eSATA or USB using Paragon or Acronis.

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