Getting strange lags.


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[TD]Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting on this forum ^^

So I've recently (about a month ago) bought a gaming laptop. For the first three weeks everything was phenomenal about playing LoL on my new laptop. Unfortunately, about a week ago, I started having problems with my game.

It's not about the quality of the game(still is pretty high). It's about the pings. I have a good gateway, everything's fine with it (it usually gives me around 90-100 pings)

I'll briefly explain the problem. Let's say I am 5 mins into a normal 5v5 game. Everything is fine for me. Then my pings start going crazy ; they are going up to something like 5879 and can't lower to more than 500). It even shows that I am trying to reconnect from times to times when my pings are too high. Naturally I can't play like that. I have a 5 second delay on every click I make. Then game is still working (if it's not written "trying to reconnect"), but I can barely move.

My first reaction, and surely yours, would be that my problem is in my gateway or somewhere around those lines. BUT all the other computers in the house can access to internet without any problems, except for mine, when this happens.

I am wondering if my internet connection, my computer, or the game (which I am sure it's not) is the problem. I haven't figured out yet (still I have looked on different forums for answers to my questions).

I would very much appreciate if anyone knows what's happening and how to resolve it. Any tips are welcome.

Thank you all ! :3

Mucho love <3



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Two things to check out here...First is a hardware issue, check that your wireless adapter driver is up to date. Next, and more likely to be the culprit, is that it's server related and not on your end. You don't say what game your playing and whether your connected to an online gaming community like steam.


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I am playing League of Legends. And I know it's not a server related problem, because I am the only one in the game that gets that problem :/

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