Gettting rid of Linux- do not have reinstall disc...

I have a Sony VAIO laptop and tried out Linux on it. This gave me the Grub loader, where when I boot up I choose which OS to use. I want to get rid of Linux, - it uses half of my hard drive.

I have two questions:
1. How do I uninstall Linux, getting rid of the Grub loader(it's in my MBR, I believe, so it is THERE, not easily gotten rid of).

2. Can I use a different Win 7 64bit disc to format and reinstall my OS, using the Activation Code on the bottom of the laptop?- I'm not really stealing this way, am I? Sony did not provide me with a disc when I bought the computer. The Sony method of restoring the OS does not work here- I deleted the Linux partition and did the Restore, but the Grub loader is still there. So I had to reinstall Linux to get things working right.

I'm willing to completely wipe my hard drive and reinstall Windows, even though it won't be the same as I got it from Sony(don't want or need trial offers or the Sony utilities that it came with). Or should I try to reverse the process, restore the MBR somehow and then delete the Linux partition and make it available to Windows, either as another drive or by melding it into the C: drive. :(


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Your computer has a recovery drive. I looked it up and it said: "On many Sony models, holding alt + F10 at boot will start the factory restore process"

It might be different for your particular model so I'd google it. That should put your laptop back to factory condition.

Oops, You said that doesn't work didn't you? If you have a disk of the same operating system you're using you'd probably be able to. The disk doesn't matter. The product key is what you pay for when you get a windows disk. That's the license.

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