Ghost failed, now i have 2 "systemroot" drives

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    Ghost failed *UPDATED* How can i clone Win7?

    Ok... Some background information.... Wall of text incomming.. (Problem changed, read bottom)

    I purchased a new/faster Hard drive. I did not what to have to format and reinstall on the new drive. So, i used Ghost to copy my C Drive over to a new partition. Well, it worked.... ish..... I still have the original C Drive (marked as C:). But my new partition is H: on the new drive. but C and H have little windows logo above them. Looking at my environment variables, most of the windows ones (temp, tmp, etc) are point to the H drive. But others are pointing to C drive... Well, due to this problem, i cant install ANYTHING that uses the Microsoft Installer. Examples inclulde Windows Updates, Java, Open Office, and the new Virtual Box.

    I am about to just format and reinstall everything... But figured i would see if anyone has any clever ideas first.

    If you need any more information, just ask and i will do my best to deliver.

    Windows 7 Enterprise 6.1.7600 64 Bit

    Edit again:
    I slightly fixed it.... I rebooted with the Win7 disc, and it asked if i wanted to repair, so then it scanned the HDs and found the C drive install to be messed up.. It said it could repair it. It rebooted, then worked like a charm. Although, i am still running on the slower HD... Anyone have any suggetions on how to "Image" my C Drive to the new/faster HD with out a completely new install?

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