Ghosting with two partitions?


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on my laptop, running the grub bootloader, debian as the main os, and windows 7 as the secondary, how can i ghost it to a larger drive (from 250 split into two partitions, into 500 split into 2 partitions, 250 gigs for each)?
im wondering this, because when i ghost the drive using norton ghost, it tries to copy grub, then it gives me error 17 when i try to boot up. help?
sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

You can clone the whole disk from a smaller to a larger one with the freeware EASEUS Todo Backup. However, I'm not sure you won't have to modify your Grub loader after doing this.


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another question, when i make a full backup using the windows backup thing, does it backup everything? including registry and my registration key for win7?


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I've always found Acronis True Image good for cloning. You can download a full working copy as a trial.

(Just an aside - have you confirmed that your laptop can handle a 500gb drive - many are limited to 320gb)?


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it does take a 500gb drive just fine.
i figured out what i was gonna do, im just gonna load backtrack, then load windows 7, fix grub, then restore.
does the restoration load all of the partition and the programs i had installed, and my windows key?

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