Girl joins circus after she's cured of claustrophobia by being put in bin


Kirsty Nicholson bagged her dream job as a contortionist in the circus after she was cured of her claustrophobia by her mum, who placed her in bins to get her over her fear of small spaces.

Nicholson’s mother came up with the drastic solution to cure her daughter so she could join the circus as a singer and contortionist.

‘I’ve always been really flexible but petrified of small spaces so, when I was told I had to be the girl in a bottle to be part of the show, I didn’t think I could do it,’ said the 23-year-old.

‘Then my mum came up with the idea of practising at home and started forcing me into washing baskets and bins. The more I did it, the easier it became.’

Sadly, mother Alison’s hard work appears to have backfired, with her daughter using her new skills to play pranks on her.

‘I’d get into the washing machine, under the kitchen sink and things like that. My mum woke up one morning and found me in the bin next to her.

‘And my sister would go to get a pair of shoes from her wardrobe and find me shoved in there,’ said Miss Nicholson from Stockton-on-Tees, near Middlesbrough.

‘They used to think it was really odd but now they just laugh it off.’

So now she fits quite nicely into a 60cm (24in) by 45cm (18in) glass jar for her Circus of Horrors show – after she had her appendix removed.

‘I’m the biggest wimp on the planet so it was really scary for me but it was a small price to pay,’ she said.

‘Ever since I was six years old and started learning how to dance, all I’ve wanted to do was join the show. Now I have, it’s amazing.’

More Girl joins circus after she's cured of claustrophobia by being put in bin

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