Girls ride tube with no trousers on


It was a case of better late than never for Taiwan, as 20 girls in knickers took part in the worldwide craze of No Trousers Day - but a month behind schedule.

The crazy celebration, which makes it OK to be caught with your trousers down on the tube, has caught on around the world.

The annual No Trousers Day took place in January in a number of world cities, including London and New York.

And, not wanting to miss out, Taiwan got in on the action a month later. No one's quite sure what the hold-up was.

Pictures: Check out the No pants subway ride pictures here:

Up to 20 Taiwanese girls bared (almost) all on the way to work as they travelled on the underground wearing just their knickers.

Event organisers said: 'We saw the event in New York and wanted to stage one here - why not?'

No Trousers Day started in New York in 2002 and sees participants with bare legs mixing among other commuters.

The mission, apparently, is to cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places.

It's too early to say if that's been a success or not in Taiwan.

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