Windows 7 Given a computer from china with broken windows 7 application--trying to reinstall but I don't read


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Jun 7, 2013
My son was given a computer (Sony Vaio - E) and the computer was a Chinese boy's. The computer's Window 7 application is broken and needs to be re-installed. I have a windows 7 disk but the prompt boxes that appear only read in Chinese due to the previous setting. I cannot access anything on the computer only an error message appears. If you don't click the proper box the computer just shuts down. I am afraid to click the wrong box and cause more damage to the computer. Any advice would be extremely helpful. Thanx


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May 16, 2010
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I suspect you will find yourself fighting a losing battle with the existing installation and I would run a full clean install from a retail Windows 7 install disk. You could do this quite cheaply if you buy an upgrade version and use it for a clean install.
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