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Hello everyone is there any oppinions about the freeware GLARY UTILITIES.
I have just used it and i do not know if i dare to reboot,if my pc do not start ever again any feedback will be appriciated.Kind Regards CASI.:distrust:

I've Used Glary Utlilites For About 2yrs. And It Works Great, It Will Not Hurt Your Computer. You Have My Word.


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We don't usually suggest the use of registry cleaners since they can many times do more bad than good. But I myself have used GLARY and find it to be quite a cool prog and never had any problems with it. In any case, even if a program makes a reg backup or system restore point (they usually do) you should ALWAYS create a system restore point before doing ANY changes to your registry.


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Use it everyday and its trouble free . Its a toss up with this and Ccleaner .....or use both like i do. Just remember to think about what you are doing and don't wildly click buttons and you will never go wrong

Very good application and as you mentioned it has a freeware option as well .



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I'll second (?) above comments. Although not used for a while (Glary), it and CCleaner were always loaded in my system. Never had a problem with either.

I downloaded and used Glary. Immediately after I cleaned the registry, I tried to access my Facebook account. I was able to access it, but I could not see any of the background, or any of my posts, or anyone else's posts. I could only see my name and profile photo. Also, when I opened up my Yahoo mail, there were a lot of field markers above the main body. As with the Facebook site, there was no border, no background. Something was erased which should not have been erased.
This only happened on the Firefox browser. Apparently Internet Explorer was unaffected.
Unfortunately, I did not back up my computer prior to using Glary. The glowing reports I read about it convinced me that it could do no harm.
I downloaded a fresh copy of Firefox, but it did not fix the issue.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

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