Glitch or Setting needing modification?

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In the explorer window, in the left (navigation) pane, I move the list of folders up to see what I need and when I expand a folder it moves everything down and opens with the folder at the bottom of the window So I can't see what is in it. I have to move the folders up again, expand the one I am looking for and same thing happens. Repeat, same result. This does not happen all of the time however and I do not see a pattern. Any ideas? Is this a glitch in the operating system or perhaps a setting needing adjusted?

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This is an unwelcome characteristic of Windows 7 and very annoying.

To get rid of this I installed Classic Shell....

Classic Shell

Classic Shell | Free software downloads at

It makes the start menu work more like Windows XP (while retaining the Windows 7 tweaks) and it fixes Windows Explorer so that it works like XP as well.

If like myself you have a lot of installed software it was a pain to have to scroll through a long list to find what you want.

Classic Shell makes them show up on you desktop in columns when you hit the Start Button / Programs, as Windows XP did instead of having to scroll through them all.


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Thank you for the tip. I will try it!


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