Globetrotter UMTS-Card not working

Hello all,
I have recently downloaded and installed Windows 7 Pro 64bit from MSAA and am having problems getting my Globetrotter UMTS-/HSDPA-card working.

When I insert the card into the express slot, Windows attempts to install drivers, but fails. If I first install the Vodafone software and then insert the card, Windows finds and installs drivers successfully.
Upon starting the MobileConnect software, the card is detected and network coverage is displayed correctly. However, if I click "Connect" I get an error message saying the device is in use by another program, followed by the code:

"WAN-SDK-error Get Profile failed."

The drivers also installed two network connections ("Vodafone Mobile Connect" and "GPRS"), yet when I try to connect with either of these, I receive the following error:

"RAS connection management could not be started. Error 711: The process could not be completed because the RAS connection management could not started in time. Please repeat the process."

If I attempt to enter the properties of either of these connections, I get the error:

"An unexpected error has occurred."

I thus attempted to start the RAS service manually. This was not possible, due to the fact that it is linked to the SSTP service which needs to be started. When trying to start this service, I receive the error:

"Service "SSTP service" was started on "Local Computer" and then stopped. Services are stopped automatically if they are not being used by other programs or services."

I am lost. Any thoughts? It might already be enough to start the SSTP service.

Thanks for your help!

Some specs:
Globetrotter OPTION GE0201 with Firmware 2.5.3Hd for express slot.
running on Vodafone MobileConnect with Vodafone contract (Germany)

Zepto Znote 6224W, Intel T7300 2.0Ghz, 4GB DDR-667-RAM, Nvidia 8600mGT, 200GB HDD
running Windows Seven Professional 64bit (with all updates)

turned out it was an error with the RC-Version of Win7. I installed the "final" and now it works.

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