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Windows 7 Gmail Not working properly


New Member
Jan 21, 2009
I have been having problems with gmail and IE8 withing windows 7. When it begins to loads, he goes into a recycle loop and eventually crashes IE8. I have to use the classic Style for my mail to open properly.

don't know if it makes a diffrence, but I do have it set for Imap.

Not sure if it is related but Outlook also doesn't load properly, and continousely crashes.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!
use google chrome. IE8 is not the best browser anyways. other then that i cant help you scince i will never use IE8 after having SO MUCH problems with it
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I can't really offer any help as such but I can say that I've not had any issues with gmail on IE8 on Win 7.. I've been using Win 7 since build 6801... the only mail service I've had any "issues" with is yahoo mail. But even that's not a huge issue as it's just the friendly warning saying "Your browser isn't supported ...", which essentially is a bunch of garbage because if you click "go to the new mail anyway..." button it loads fine... ;) But back to your problem, I'm not familiar with the Imap setting you mentioned but from what I've read around the web, it has been causing some problems for people using gmail among other things.. so maybe that IS the culprit... ;) Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance...