Going Cold Turkey

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    Going cold turkey yeah cos I can
    I've got a skillet yeah
    I got a pan
    Ain't gonna heat up that
    Old bird again
    Going cold turkey is easy
    It ain't hard as they say
    I eat that old bird
    Near every day
    Melody Beals got some songs
    You ought to hear them I say
    I could listen to them all the time
    When I feel that way
    Melody Beals sings like an angel I say
    They ease the pain of going
    Cold Turkey each day
    Take it to the bridge
    It ain't that far away
    Cold turkey is rad
    I eat it nearly each day
    Melody Beals singing
    Is so fantastic man
    Heart skips a beat
    When I hear her singing
    This song is nearly at
    at it's end
    Nice time chatting
    We must do this again
    I've got this song and it's going around
    Melody Beals is singing
    Boy ! Wow!
    What a wonderful sound
    Voice soaring high
    Lark in the sky
    I'm lost in wonder
    I'm raised so high
    Melody Beals an angel in the world
    Just passing through
    La la la la la la la la la
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