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    it's just pronounced "see-hawks" ;)

    Join us as we celebrate the Seahawks at their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance, and hear from former and current C++ team members talk about...well...football =)

    We'll also look at their favorite Hawks and how the qualities they admire have brought them thus far in their C++ journeys.

    Ulzii Luvsanbat - Russell Wilson
    Eric Battalio - Marshawn Lynch
    Mark Hall - Luke Willson
    Jennifer Leaf - Kam Chancellor

    No hyperlinks this time around, lest it encourage you to hear only about your own fav player =P And please, no flame wars in the comments -- if you're going to banter, make sure it won't be construed as belligerent ;)

    We do acknowledge the Patriots fans watching this video (kudos to you =P) -- here's to a great game on Sunday!

    [disclaimer/spoiler alert]
    Also, absolutely no disrespect to either Luke W. (and any other ones that might be out there) - we simply aim to entertain. Seriously, that two-point conversion play was amazing. And also the way Wilson [sic] juked past those defenders all the way to the 8, did you see that??


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