Windows 7 Gone resolution choices?


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Feb 21, 2009

In windows vista I used to be able to select more wide screen resolutions. For my desktop its not really a big deal, run at 1900x1200 at all times. But in games it stinks because the 1440x900 and 1650x1080 resolutions are no longer options in windows 7... maybe it is just the driver? I now have to choose between the 1368x768 (or close to that) resolution which is not large enough for my tastes or the 1900x1200 resolution, which my computer can't quite handle in most games.

Any ideas on how to get a couple more widescreen resolutions in the mix again?

I have an ati 2600 mobile version. Driver version 8.560.1.0 the ATI x64 experimental ones I believe.

Windows 7 x64 build 7000, AMD 2.3ghz core 2 64 turion, 17 inch display with a max resolution of 1920x1200.
Is "Auto- Television Detection" or the like on? Because when it is, my TV/Monitor does the same thing. It only shows 720p, Native, and 1080p options in the Resolution section.
Spot on Kyle. Thanks a bunch!

And then it suddenly stopped working? Hmm thats peculiar. Any ideas?
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