Windows 7 Good News Build 7200 Visual Studio 2008 Works (32 Bit)


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Good News Build 7022 Visual Studio 2008 Works (32 Bit)

Hi everyone

Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition (includes Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, SQL server 2008 express edition. .NET 3.5, Visual Web developer 2008 SP1) ) all work flawlessly.

Note however I installed these on VISTA ultimate X-32 first and then did an Upgrade to W7 build 7022

I'll save this as an image since it works and then try with a Clean Install.

My Windows version is Build 7022.winmain.090115-1850.

Looking Good so far. (Hauppage Win TV also working fine).

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First off there is no build 7200 of windows 7 out yet the newest is 7022 and the newest internal is 7032. So i dont know where you got that from. All those programs have worked on every single beta copy i have had so far.
Hi there -- typo. Of course it's Build 7022 - but there's no mechanism for editing the thread title on this board.

Thought fairly obvious however -- BTW this build 7022 is worth installing even just for the fixes to IE8 (it uses IE8 RC1 and not IE8 Beta).

The Haupppage TV stuff (WIN TV -HVR H900) receives Digital Terrestial TV - Freeview (European stuff) so this particular model is unlikely to work in your location. The problem was that the TUNER section wouldn't work because of problems with the .NET framework in Build 7000.

Older versions of WIN TV (and the US versions - different TV system) might of course work -- however all the new stuff in Europe is now Digital only -- Analog TV is being phased out -- last areas in the UK will be switched off in 2010, some areas don't have analog TV any more already.

(I like the Asgard avatar very nice).


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