Google and HTC to create Chrome OS Tablet

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    Google and HTC to Create Chrome OS Tablet |

    Everyone and their uncle went out and started conjuring up tablets after Steve Jobs annouced the iPad. It comes as no surprise that the tag team super stars, HTC and Google, will team up yet again to hopefully put the hurt on Apple. By the shear look of the device it seems these two aimed their cross-hairs right into apples neck of the woods. The ammunition? The first of the Chrome OS Tablets.
    With the impressive adoption of Android; users already associate big expectations in a HTC/Google device. It’s almost the same euphoria that Apple users get when that shiny new iPhone or iPad hits the showroom. This ultimate user experience is what continues to pin Apple and Google against each other. I’m sure the new Chrome Tablet will only follow suit.
    The device is said to be outfitted with Google’s Chrome OS, not to be confused with Android. Its a completely web driven operating system. It leverages online software such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Voice, Google Reader, and more, to create a desktop like experience from a simple “web browser”. There’s no need to install apps, or store files. The device saves everything to “the cloud”, you’re online hard drive, if you will. Those files and services are then able to be replicated no matter what device or computer you access. Providing you have an internet connection of course.
    Its not going to be long before these two lock up in the epic tablet battle. In the next few months we’ll be able to size up this new Chrome Tablet a little better and determine who’s got the longer reach.

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