Google Chrome OS for PCs: Look Out Windows and OS X


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Google says the OS isopen source and lightweight, allowing users super quick access to the web. They claim the OS will be virus free (the security architecture is entirely new), and run a newly-designed windowing system on top of a linux kernel that will be compatible with x86 and ARM processors alike. Though they were quick to mention this was separate from Android, they also conceded there would be some overlap in concept and functionality between the two platforms.

Sounds very interesting to me, will be giving this a try

I really think they have a chance.. Not at taking down Microsoft but at getting a good piece of the OS pie.. I love Windows 7 (don't get me wrong) but as fu*king awesome as Win 7 is, it's still just Windows NT (or whichever version you want to use) with a huge makeover and many add-ons.. I think it's a good time for anyone wishing to get in on the OS action to do so.. It may take a bit for Google's to catch on but I really think we'll see it do well.. Time will tell I guess..

I think people are ready for something a little different then Windows.. I just hope not too many are.. LONG LOVE WINDOWS 7..

It sounds like a modern cloud-based version of GEOS.
Anyone remember GEOS?

I doubt this will do any better than that.

It might be good for anyone that only wants to surf the web. But other than that, it is a dead horse before it is even a live one.

Personally, I would not put my money (or time) into something that requires me to be online to effectively use it.


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Bill Gates on Chrome OS and browsers

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also seemed to dismiss Chrome OS, although both Ballmer and Gates admitted that with Google saying so little about their latest project it is hard to know exactly what it will be and therefore discuss it in detail. "In any case, you should make them be concrete about what they're doing," Gates said in regards to the lack of information. "It is kind of a typical thing. When Google is doing anything it gets this - the more vague they are, the more interesting it is."

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At today's Mobilebeat conference, Google VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra said that web app development is the future of successful mobile platforms. Sounds a lot like Chrome OS on smartphones.

Gundotra reiterated a lot of what we already know. Google believes the future of the computers lies in the browser, with apps coded according to web standards and data existing in the cloud. However, what stood out as interesting was that Gundotra, who isn't directly part of the Android team, referenced all this in the same breath as the rapid evolution of mobile browsers and mobile data plans. While he never explicitly referenced Chrome OS, it seemed evident that the upcoming, browser-based platform was in his head as he spoke.

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