Google Chrome problem with parental control


I have a young son who has been set up on my computer as a standard user.
To stop disaster with my work I have blocked Adobe applications in parental control.

Thing is despite the boxes being checked for Google Chrome it will not load flash and also says a link to Google updater has been blocked.
Using most up to date version and flash enabled.

The strange thing is Firefox and IE8 both load flash without a problem.

Maybe something to do with the built in flash?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Without being able to see the parental control settings firsthand, it is difficult to give you an analysis. I am assuming that when you are logged into your administrator account, you do not experience these problems, correct? However, when your son is using the computer, the inability to use Flash under certain circumstances such as the launching of Google Chrome or Google Updater is causing a problem.

If these are valid assertions, depending on which Adobe applications you blocked, you may have also blocked some components that allow Flash to work for other products. In fact, you well know by now that Adobe is the maker of Adobe Flash Player, so even blocking Adobe Flash Builder or Adobe Flash Catalyst may cause some weird side effects. Many Adobe programs likely load modules that are stored in a common folder, including Flash-related files. Blocking these applications in Parental Controls may have created an unintentional problem.

Why is this a problem in Chrome and with Google Updater only? Chrome is the only browser I know of that already has Flash built-in on install. I am confused by your settings, but something involving the blocking of these applications is amidst. Ensure that nothing related to Adobe Flash Player, Chrome, or any Google products are blocked. Perhaps go so far as to limit the blocking, if you have not done so already, only to the specific Adobe products which must never be accessible to your son. This is the best indication I can give you about this problem.

There is one other way to prevent the launching of applications on local machines, but it is much more complex, and this involves the editing of the local group policy for the machine.

If you go to Start -> Search -> gpedit.msc -> User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System

Thereby choose "Don't run specified Windows applications" or "Run only specified Windows applications"

This is a much more complex way of enforcing account policies, and is mostly used through a domain controller using Windows Server. However, for whatever problem you are having with Parental Controls, this may be your answer. The only problem may be that you will find yourself turning this on and off repeatedly for whenever your son is going to use the system. It is much more thorough and precise, however, than the built-in Parental Controls.

Your problem is still a mystery to me, but seeing how Flash is built into Chrome, this must have something to do with the fact that you cannot run Flash in Chrome. It is possible that it is accessing resources you are unintentionally blocking by preventing Adobe products from launching? For Firefox, for instance, Flash is installed as a Firefox plug-in, which uses no special interface or common file archive that I am aware of. It is constructed specifically as a Firefox plug-in. IE8 is also uncontrollable using Parental Controls. So somewhere along the line, you are blocking Flash unintentionally.. somehow some way.

Hey there...

Install Flash while using Chrome.

Thx for the replies.
The only boxes I have unchecked are:

photoshop cs5.exe
adobe media player.exe

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