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Google Chrome

Google Chrome 62.0.3202.94

After launching in a blaze of publicity, this one has gone a bit quiet. !!
Have you tried or are using this browser???????
Hey Bill,

I've tried it and quite like it. I'm currently using IE8 RC1 but if I wasn't I think I'd go with Chrome.. I like the way it's set out and didn't find too many bugs if memory serves...

How about you? Thoughts...

In fact anyone else thought about using Chrome or anything other to IE?
Google has released a non-beta update of the Chrome browser, bringing it up to Version This version has several bug fixes.
Goggle has released a final Version of the Chrome browser.

question for yah kemical. How do you get the new tab to open up to my home page (google) other than what that new tab opens up in. I cant figure it out and cant find any thing in options.
It's in the options folder... Check out the screenshot and you'll see where it is.. Oh and don't forget to click 'show the home button on the toolbar'..
I have already found that and ticked the boxes. I still get the page when I click on new tab. If I click the home tab then it switches to my homepage but every new tab I open it, it looks like this. See attachment. So I'm still confused. For what ever reason the attachment tab is not working. clicked on it and it been almost 10 minutes and nothing. I finally worked.

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We may be at crossed purposes but i think I know what you mean...
If you look closely at my screenshot you'll see where I've pasted my default homepage (which happens to be google news). I bet that in yours is still written the default setting that comes with chrome so it will always open at that page. You need to paste in what you want your home page to be.
As for opening a new tab, thats the page you will see when you click open new tab. If however you click on another link then that 'should open in a new tab....

Just a thought...If you can, take a screenshot of the options the same place I did.
Yes I believe we are crossed but let me clarify my end up a bit. My home page is set to google's home page just the plane page that says google. When I open a new tab page, the new tab home page is different then my regular home page. What I was wanting to do it make the new tab home page open up like my regular home page does. So here are my screen shots of my browser with homepage, new tab page and settings in the options area. I did try and paste in my google's home page and the new tab page still opens up to it's on settings as you can see in the screen shots. It's really no big deal but just a nuisance more than any thing.

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I'm not sure thats possible as when you click on 'new tab' your in effect asking for a new tab and not your homepage.
There may be a setting somewhere to allow for this, but if there is, I haven't seen it...
Sorry I couldn't be more help..
yeah I haven't found one either. In IE 8 you can change it, Firefox as well but opera and chrome, I have no clue. Thanks for your help and input. Oh and btw, you cant alphabetize the bookmarks either. Unless you have a tip for that one.
It's not bad actually but I guess it's down to personal preference on what you end up using every day..