Google Dumps Toolbar Support For Firefox

Discussion in 'Windows News' started by JMH, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Maximum PC | Google Dumps Toolbar Support For Firefox
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    Personally, I think all toolbars by any company should be "dumped".

    Most are search engines only (and the browser already has that functionality, most people are just too thick headed to figure that out). I've worked on a lot of PC's with users complaining their internet is slow. Sure enough, open their browser to see the screen half concealed by toolbars.

    With the complaint of speed you need to take into account the performance impact toolbars have. Essentially, they are addons running alongside your browser. They have several different areas in which they affect your browser. Startup time, navigation time to name a few. Taking all of that into account, is it really worth having a toolbar that slows everything in your browser down by 5 seconds, when the functionality you need from it is already integrated?
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    It is becoming an increasing bad habit for some of the software installations to slip in their own toolbars in the install options. Some may have their use, but I, like yourself, don't support that idea!
    I am not a Firefox user, but, in the same context, as you can read on the link, the browser offers a staggering selection of add-ons. The argument applies there also. Some are innocent until used, many are impinging on your performance. Any Browser user should give thorough thought as to how often he would use each add-on, and is it, in that case, so important to have "added"

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