Google Pages/Graphics not Completely Downloading in all Browsers


I've been having a difficult time with trying to find a solution to a problem I've been having for about a week already.

Every time I open a website page associated with Google, the page never fully downloads, and especially, graphics do not load properly. In Chrome, which I used most often, I can't access my iGoogle page at all, it is completely blank except for a search box on top. Google Maps does not work; I cannot zoom in or out of maps. The icons on top of every Google-related page is a blank rectangle. Videos, or the 'media strip' is missing on Google News.

Strangely, on IE, my iGoogle page shows up, but I still cannot access Google Maps or the media strip on Google News stories. Many icons on the top of the page are just blank rectangles. Similar problems are associated with Firefox as well.

I'm using MS security essentials, and there's no indication of a virus or otherwise. I'm using Windows firewall, and I've tried turning it off, but it didn't change anything.

I'm thinking it's some kind of computer setting, rather than a browser setting, as they all were affected at the same time.

Does anybody know what can be wrong? I just did the Windows update, and the problem still persists.

I haven't had this problem on other websites, at least not that I can tell. Only those associated with Google.

Thank you for any help.....this is really driving my nuts!


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Sounds like it may be time to use Ccleaner to get rid of temps, temp internet files, cookies and such.
In IE try resetting it to factory defaults
Control Panel change the View by: selection to small icons and click
Internet options
Select the advanced tab and click
the Restore advanced settings button
and then the Reset button
clean up everything and OK your way out of there, close the control panel and open IE and test.


Thanks for the reply.

I tried CCleaner.....but unfortunately it didn't do anything to solve the problem. I simply do not understand what is going on......any other ideas???


Yep... Use IE9 & Bing, instead. :):thumbs_up:


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I suppose it could be related to the security features in the browser. Perhaps allowing third party cookies, having an add-on to show the graphics, like flash. If you could stick to just IE or Firefox maybe we can get through it.

Google maps has a page that goes through troubleshooting. Mine seems to work fine if Firefox and the only add-on I have is flash.

Maps Help

If you don't find anything there, are you getting a red icon on the bottom of an Explorer window, or a line across the top of the page asking to approve any special access?

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