Got a WRT54GS router?

Get the firmware upgrade before you need to reset your router.


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If your router is version 1 thru 4 or the WRT54GL version there is aftermarket firmware that give more functionality, like the ability to change transmit and receive power levels.

Tomato is one of the best.

If you have later versions your stuck with the proprietary firmwares offered by Cisco.

Starting with version 5 they stopped using the open source (Linux based) firmware in favor of their own closed source firmware.

Do not try to use firmware designed for the older devices.

Tomato can be had here ------> Tomato Firmware |

Read the documentation it has some interesting info including how to determine version number of the router
as well as the features available with Tomato.


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Why don't you install DD-WRT firmware? The stock firmware really sucks.


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Lol.Several answers here. Anyone worked out the question?


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I don't really think it was a question in the first place :cool:


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Nope, my first post here still stands ?????????

I dunno, note the sad face emoticon and the ? in the title.:p


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I think it's safe for a moderator to delete this thread, lol.

Why don't you install DD-WRT firmware? The stock firmware really sucks.
^ Also a great idea !

Though maybe not recommended for the average user.


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?? you stole my post:confused:

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