Got past that DVD/CD message! Win7/64 from Vista-32


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I finally got Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit upgrade to do a custom install from Windows Vista 32-bit. I was one of the ones that got that DVD/CD message every time. I'm not going to go into a bunch of detail, but this is all I did:

Get WinToFlash do what it tells you, takes about a minute.

See, I couldn't create a bootable USB flash drive of the Win7Upgrade/64bit disk in the 32-bit environment in the normal way, but WinToFlash is able to do it. So I got past that DVD/CD drive hindrance and didnt have to get a new drive as Ive seen many others actually do...thats just wrong. MS has a problem tho, they let this slip by and a lot of people are going to give up. No friggin way anyone should have to install Windows 7 in this way. Im just glad I got the 64-bit now and I gotta say, Windows 7 is actually worth the hassle.

Don't let anyone tell you you cant install the Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade 64-bit disk via custom install if you have Vista 32-bit. That is something I read many times from "experts".