Got sent up the Digital River w/o a Paddle! Help!

So I know there's many "solutions" but I got my student DL through Digital River, cannot unpack without the "read only" error and even with help here cannot make an iso. so, I have a product key, can't someone fileshare me their iso?

Digital River won't budge and I want to install 7 like, last week already.

DL'ed it on a comp running 32 bit vista, yes i got the 64 bit version but it's for my MacBook Pro, and I can't DL on there because the DL manager is a fucking EXE file. fun.

So thoughts? assistance? Please?


no dice

that would be great if I had an ISO to use for that. The Digital River DL is 2 lame .box files and an unpacker exe that fails every time. Cannot create iso using cmd line prompts as shown in other threads. need an iso to make a dvd to boot camp my mac.

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