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    Hey everyone, I want to say thanks to the people that gave me help in the other thread where I had serious installation problems of Windows 7. I tried the 32bit instead and burned the DVD at the lowest possible speed...and here I am! Sometimes it's too simple.

    Now I want to do a clean install of the 64bit (using virtual clone drive and Windows 7 64bit). I want to do it right from the start and be done with it, but I got a few questions.

    When Windows 7 for real comes out in October and I install it, will there be an "upgrade" feature where I don't lose my files? Like how the RC installed? Everything I do here will be permanent from here on out?

    I have a laptop that has 320 GB of HDD space. I want to format and disk partition it. Right now I have 10 GB of recovery partition and the rest free. What would you recommend that I would disk part? Should I leave a certain space JUST for the OS, some for recovery, some maybe for a virtualization - where I can have a small OS test potentially hazardous/useless downloads? Any other ideas? I want to optimize and cover my rear, but I'm very inexperienced.

    Can I download the drivers for my laptop afterwards? Such as fingerprint or etc.? Thankfully there is a site that has EVERY driver available. Good idea to get them all then organize them all in a folder?

    What about activation afterwards?

    I then plan to disk image my HD. Perfect time since there's nothing on there.

    Any other ideas or recommendations? I will appreciate it!
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