Windows 7 Gothic--2 Error: loader couldn't initialize service!

I realize asking support for this old of a game can be asking a bit much but this game is one that is really a classic and the new game's cannot even touch it. The new games don't have the storyline or the playability that this game does – well that is just my humble personal opinion :). I can't hold its age against it, after all – I'm 80.

I know others are playing this game on Windows 7 but whether they have a front end attached to the game or not, I cannot say.

I would really appreciate any help that I could get on getting this game running on my computer.
Thank you very much

I finally gave up on this and a friend of mine told me about Gog and I went there and downloaded the game. It works really well and I am very happy with the results. There are many old game's ported to Windows 7 there.

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