GParted for clean install 7 ultimate 64bit?

Is it enough, or should I go through the more traditional
fdisk & format route? I'm getting nowhere with Ultimate 64.
I reckon my bios is from sometime early 2008. Got it
to install once, then after downloading 8 or so Windows
updates, machine refused to restart. Everything in the
PC is maybe a year old, tops. Removed the old SB Live
in expectation of some trouble.

nVidia 680i LT / quad Q6600 / GeForce 8500 GT / 4 gB

Right. That's the end of my very expensive attempts to get either 32 or 64 bit onto my machine.
Back to XP Pro. It's been over 15 years since a computer has made me feel like a newbie. Very
disappointing, specially seeing as the RC1 slipped in like a dream to an old P4, with SATA.
Never buy version 1.0.

EDIT: By way of late apology to anyone in MS - turns out my grief was caused by my POV GeForce
8500 GT - my first ever PCIexpress card. (Still haven't got it fixed even with a good driver clean-out
and the latest 195.62 64 bit drivers installed as admin) but at least I now know everything else is OK.

EDIT2: Worse again, I had an analog Belkin omni switch => graphics card didn't like the different
refresh rates. Now all fixed.

xfx 680i GT SLI / Q6600

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