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When I performed a reset I used this command gpedit.msc to not have to see the lock screen when I log in.
Now when I move around the pc this awful green color is there. For the most part, once logged in the color I selected is what I see but this other one needs changing.
It appears when I first boot up until I log in and also if I select pc settings to do work.
I have selected everything to do with color in the control panel. Should I remove this command and start over?
If so, How?


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You can undo anything you've done previously in gpedit.msc by simply going back and resetting it to "Not Configured".
Then reboot to get your latest policy settings.
As far as the color thing is concerned .... IDK.
I have configured gpedit to "do not display lock screen" and when my computer boots up all I see is my picture password on the screen.


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Thanks for that. I hope someone can tell me about the color issue as I have tried it all.


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I went back and undid the lock screen so it shows. Then swoop in from the right and type accent and choose a color for the lock screen. Then use the command to hide the lock screen . When you navigate within the windows setup and when you boot up to login, you will see the color you want. Again I hope this helps someone.

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