GPT partition & win7 problems

Hi all,

I don't know too much about hardware nor software of a pc and just learning stuff as I go. Any help is appreciated thanks.

Here is my issue:

i just got a new hdd (because my old one stopped working, malware virus something idk)
but when i try installing win7 on the new hdd, it gives me an error saying that i cannot install win7 on a gpt partition type hdd.

now this is all happening on the os installation screen (where it asks to choose a partition to install win7 on)

i tried formatting the new hdd while in the same menu, and when i click on "Format" nothing happens, cursor dissapears for about a second and then thats it...

i just recently purchased everything new from cpu to mobo to ram to case to heatsink all of it, been over 2 months to put this pc together so im a bit stressed.

if anyone could please guide me into installing win7 on my hdd, would be thankful.



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See this MS guide to change your gpt disk to mbr:

Change a GUID Partition Table Disk into a Master Boot Record Disk

To do this you will need either to run the command prompt from your install disk or plug the drive into an existing bootable system.

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wooop thanks alot. the guide was simple and short, i converted the disk to mbr but when i use compmgmt.msc it shows the new mbr disk as "unallocated" and when i try to create new volume now instead of just ntfs it also shows exFAT. i guess i will leave it as unallocated and hope win7 can install. if not i guess i will...come back and ask for more help. hope it works though, thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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Isn't exFat what is used of external devices like flash drives?

How do you have this drive connected to your system? How did it get formatted as GPT?


im not sure what exFAT is , maybe you are right :)

it was originally gpt partitioned, im guessing acting like a external since i culdnt install os on it.

after using cmd i cleaned the drive and convert to mbr and left it alone.

and it works!

i saw the nfts/exFAT option when i typed in compmnmg.msc i think in the start/run bar. and it gave me an option to add a volume on the disk since it was "unallocated". i didnt know what to do so i left it alone and now i am using it to type lol.

thanks a lot patcooke


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