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    Please help,

    My old computer broke down, so I took the internal hard drive out and connected to the new computer using a sata&ide to USB cable.

    The new computer recognises the drive and I eventually worked out how to grant access permission to a file to allow me to transfer a file to the new internal hard drive. The problem I have is I have multiple photos in a file and need to grant access permission to all the photo at once so i can transfer them to the new hard drive.

    I've tried selecting all the photos at once but there are no tabs in the properties button to change the access permission.

    I've also tried granting access permission to the folder containing the photos, but this only allow me access to look in the folder and the photos are still protected.

    How do I grant access permission to all photos or files at once to allow me to transfer them to the new hard drive.

    any help would be much appreciated.


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    You need to take ownership of the drive...

    In Computer... right click on the drive, select Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Owner -> Edit -> Your Username -> Apply.

    You should now have full unrestricted access to the entire disk drive.

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