Graphics card and hardware acceleration

I just upgraded (clean installed) my system from Home Premium 32 bit to Professional 64 bit. While trying to get my digital cable to work, Windows Media Center is telling me I should get a graphics card that supports hardware acceleration. I was just using this card this morning prior to the reinstall, so I know it works. Any suggestions on how I can fix this. Note: I also have 4 GB memory installed, but only 3.25 is usable.

Thanks in advance.

I updated my bios, so I now have the full 4.00 GB of memory but the hardware acceleration is still giving me problems.

Update the drivers for the graphic card and see if that works.


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sounds like a driver issue on supporting 32bit not 64bit, had similar issues in the past with DVB-T cards, with the solution usually being a new driver from manufacter's website... or replace with newer mode with support.

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I ended up taking my newer graphics card in the other computer where the test worked, and switched it with the older card. The test passed and I switched the older card back in. Now all is working. Thanks for the help.

Update your bios or reinstall your all hardware parts or reinstall your os.

Cool, Matt, glad you got it :thumbs_up: Had to be the hardware.


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