Windows 7 Graphics card not working Nvidia fx5200


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I did a clean install of windows 7 rc on a hard drive I had windows 7 beta on. The nvidia geoforce fx5200 video card worked great on the beta but it will not work on the rc. I did the windows update thing and it loads it than restarts and stays on the black screen. I have tried the vista driver in the compatibility mode with no help. Same thing happens. I an now using the basic driver with no acceleration and no 3d. Am I doing something wrong or is the windows 7 rc not compatibility with my video card.

Dell computer 4600 2.8 ghz
3 gig of memory
two hard drives
one 256 gigs
one 37 gigs which has windows 7 installed

Thanks in advance for any help.:(
Your video card is supported but as Reghakr said I don't think there is a Windows 7 driver out yet for it.. ;) Have you activated your copy of Win 7 RC yet? ;)
Have you activated your copy of Win 7 RC yet? ;)

Good thinking!

I activated immediately and was presented with at least 3 updates, one being the graphics card.

To view you list of updates, go to Start > Control Panel > Windows update and click the View update history link on the left side.