Windows 7 Graphics Driver for XP wont install on 7?


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I have a Dell Inspiron 700m which has Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (Integrated) and I went to the Intel site to download the driver for it, but it was only available for XP, so I ran that in XP Compatibility Mode. Now when it asks me to restart to finish the installation, I do, and when it starts up again the screen goes blank once it says "Installing Drivers" Can anybody help me? I want to get the video controller device driver to work...


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Your chipset is the 855GME.

Apparently the XP drivers are of no use under Win7. Vista drivers may work, but the only Vista drivers I've read of are built-in to Vista. They aren't available for download. The above thread gives a hack for extracting the drivers, but that is of interest if you have access to a running version of Vista on a similar notebook PC.

Maybe Microsoft will include a driver in the final version of Win7.