Graphics Driver issue

Recently my laptop Toshiba A500 has been displaying a message about my graphics stopped working and has successfully recoverd but it keeps happening every 5 minutes even after updating the drivers and rolling back the drivers the image below is the message that my computer gives me.

i am new to this form so sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot please help me if you can.

OS windows 7 64bit Picture1.png


so you mean reinstall the one i have now 2.58 ect? i will do this now hope it works.

Yes, the idea is to uninstall your current driver even if it is the latest. Then, once the driver is uninstalled and the system rebooted, clean all NVIDIA tracks with the driver sweeper. Reboot and install the latest Forceware now.

Uninstall your current graphic driver, reboot.
Clean NVIDIA tracks with Driver-Sweeper
Download and install the latest version now.
Man you are a legend this is awesome for now it has not showed the error 4 two hours other that the typical 1 minute thanxxxxx alot.

Really thanxx


You are much welcome, Antonio. I hope the error won't pop up anymore. However, the real proof the error's gone would be if it didn't occur over several days, not just a few hours. Hope so.

i will report back the results in the week because this was fixed once before 4 months ago and came back just 2 days ago but its still gone so thanx


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