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I have a Dell Laptop Fujitsu lifeook E series running with a Radion x1400 driver, however i can not find a driver that works, i have tried alot of the fixes on google, even going back builds

I have posted on the dell / radion forum with no reply but i get the impression it is a windows 7 issue rather than a driver build??

When i search for drivers it says the best 1 is installed, which is the basic vga adaptor driver,

Any help would be appreciated

E8210. I'll try that link,

Really struggling getting it to work,

Dell doesn't make Lifebooks, these are made by Fujitsu. Which E series laptop is it?

Should be able to get the drivers here.
I tried that link there is nothing ther efor a x1400 just x1500 +, ihad the driver installed and working before i did a wipe n clean isntall of windows


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Again, which model is it?

I did say ?lm8, E8210


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I see that the driver is for XP and I would at least try it though there are drivers there for Vista as well but not noted as for 1400 but you can try them anyway.

Thank you, I did finally get it to work, your right its a vista driver, I read a lot of posts but realised what I was doing wrong,

Thank you very much all


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Kewl glad to help.

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